There are 3 courses offered in sequence. It is not necessary to work thru all 3 courses in order to begin trading.


Each course is 8 weeks in length. The tuition for each course is $2000. Each course is self-contained so that you can begin trading the concepts you are learning according to your comfort level. It depends on your level of experience.


All Lessons are on-line, conducted by Leonard Novy live and interactive. Courses include lectures after market hours as well as live training during market hours.


NTM Basics (more) is the first course, and explains all of the concepts regarding Novy Principles of Market Flow. It also details entry and exit strategies and has a complete section on money management.


NTM Applications (more) is the second course and focuses on electronic trading. It introduces traders to the Hybrid Charts especially designed to tackle the demands of pinpoint entries for scalpers and very short term trading concepts. Novy Principles of Market Flow are applied in a live market setting for the training. 


NTM Creations (more) is the third course and offers advanced traders the experience and guidance of Leonard Novy to help develop their own individual performance skills in a live market setting. Traders learn to convert analysis of the market into a trading reality.




  All courses are conducted personally

 by Leonard Novy


All courses are conducted personally by Leonard Novy, live, on-line and are interactive. With the use of your computer you will be able to see what is on Leonard's monitor and you will be able to hear his talk through your computer speakers or headsets.


You will also be able to comment or ask questions through the free software platform via instant messaging that provides the visuals and the audio. Messaging can be conducted privately to Leonard or publicly so that the other students can participate with you in the forum.




Lesson Modules and Reviews are emailed to the Trader-Students


There are weekly lesson modules and reviews sent to you via E-mail, before and after the live, on-line meeting. All lesson modules are designed and written by Leonard Novy. Each lesson module builds on to the next module so that the material overlaps into the next lesson. Decades of teaching experience are written into the curriculum. 


The presentation of the lesson plan is designed so that the Novy Principles of Market Flow slowly unfolds the deep structure of the market and the momentum that drives price movement. Along with the weekly 2-hour lessons after market hours, traders who are enrolled in NTM Applications or NTM Creations are invited to train in the live on-line trading room during market hours.


There are suggested data chart services to use for the training at the various levels of advancement. With the exception of the highly specialized proprietary Hybrid Charts that require Neoticker Charts software, you may use other services that are not listed instead. It is best to check with Leonard to make sure that those services have the capabilities of producing charts that contain the same kinds of studies and tools.





Each Course is Self-Contained and a complete Training for Traders


Each course is self-contained so that a trader may stop their training at the end of a course, and have the complete tools and the knowledge about what they need to do, to become successful traders using the material in that course. There is no replacement for time equaling experience. However, as in all coaching situations, a coach can bring years of experience to the student trader who is ready to accept the teachings, and that can accelerate the learning curve markedly.     


Leonard has constructed the courses so that outlay costs for the training are contained to a minimal commitment. When traders choose to move on to the following courses, it is because they see the merit in doing so and are willing to commit to additional time and cost outlay for their training.








NTM courses are targeted at training traders to analyze market conditions according to Novy Principles of Market Flow, and to develop trading techniques that emulate professional trading behavior. The ultimate goal is to reduce risk thru trade location. Every trader, no matter what level of experience studies NTM Basics before moving to advanced levels. The very best classical rules of trading are already built into Novy Principles of Market Flow.


NTM Basics is a Performance Course


This is not a course about "what is a commodity". NTM Basics is a performance course. Basics means learning Novy Principles of Market Flow, as a framework for market flow analysis in which one can anticipate and project ahead, typical patterns of trading behavior. One learns how to trade along that path of predictability and to take the necessary defensive or offensive actions if that flow is interrupted.


This course meets once a week for a 2-hour lecture after market hours. Prior to the on-line lecture, traders are sent lesson modules, via email, that have been created by Leonard. These modules have been tested, and re-written for clarity, and refined over many years, Material from one lesson, overlaps into the next. A concept that is learned in lesson one is developed in lesson two and spun out into the following lesson modules, so that a student senses an unfolding of information that reduces the complexities of market action down to classical predictive paths.


Classical Predictive Paths


Classical predictive paths are structural patterns of market flow that represent very repetitive trading behavior. If we understand what that path looks like, then we can see ahead and look for confirmation that the behavior of the market is conforming to the predictive path.


Gates of Confirmation


There are 4 points along the path that are called Gates of Confirmation. If you want to know where the market is within the market flow, then you will want to know from where the market came, and to where it is likely to go.


Any movement of price is the result of behavior caused by traders reacting to perceived notions of where a price might be in the future, based on current information such as news, underlying fundamentals and technical guidance.  Human beings are creatures of habit. Technical analysis is a map of past repetitive behavior that highlights human habitual trading tendencies. Since human beings are creatures of habit, technical analysis projects past repetitive behavior into the future, along classical predictive paths. As long as the current collective trading behavior is conforming to a classical predictive path, then all is well for the trader positioned in the direction of that path.


If you are knowledgeable about classical predictive paths, then you should recognize when trading behavior is deviating from that path and take the appropriate actions that could benefit you.  This course is repeatable to all current and former students at no charge.


Hardware and software requirements

  • A computer and monitor with a high-speed connection.

  • A basic charting service  (If the student has no current service then www.barchart.com is suggested. The advanced commodity service is $20 per month, but please check website for updates). 






Training for Electronic Trading


This course is directed at electronic trading primarily in the E mini markets but applicable to any electronic market including Forex, and Eurex, and other international markets. It is a performance-based course bringing the concepts learned from NTM Basics into the micro level world of electronic trading.


8 Weeks of Live Trading Sessions along with weekly 2-hour lectures including Lesson Modules and Reviews


In addition to the weekly 2-hour lectures that take place after market hours, traders are invited to participate in the live trading sessions during market hours that take place from 10:00 am PST to 1:30 pm PST every day of the week for 8 weeks. Leonard Novy conducts the sessions. Traders are expected to take the information that is learned from the weekly 2-hour lessons in NTM Applications and apply it with simulated trading platforms, to practice and develop their trading skills. Very experienced traders may want to trade on a real-time basis.


The Proprietary Hybrid Charts


During this course traders are introduced to the Hybrid Charts. These charts were developed and created over a 3-year period by Leonard Novy. They are tailored to meet the demands of short term trading techniques. The term Hybrid means that these charts are integrated structurally, so that the material from one chart is cross-referenced to another chart. Traders are able to work with detailed price movement, while maintaining an overview of market direction. They are remarkable charts that have solved the problems of integrating long term smooth signaling, over the intricate detail of micro time frames, while simultaneously delivering very short-term timing signals. A trader is able to literally “see thru” multiple time frames on a single chart, and also see the contextual longer-term background influences interacting with the immediate short term signaling. This course is repeatable at no charge if the trader is enrolled in NTM Creations.


Suggested hardware and software requirements

  • Computer and monitor with a high speed connection

  • A live streaming data charting service. (If the student has no current live streaming data service then www.Qcharts.com or www.eSignal.com is suggested. My contact is Joe Bangkot at 800 322 1353. Just mention Leonard Novy. Average monthly cost including subscription to the live E-mini exchange data is $120 per month, but please check websites for updates).



QCharts™                        eSignal





The Subtleties of Coaching


NTM Creations is a coaching course. By the time a trader comes to this course they have studied and practiced trading with Leonard for 16 weeks. Traders come into the on-line live trading room during market hours from 10:00 am PST to 1:30 pm PST every day of the week for 8 weeks. Additionally there are special reports that are sent out to the traders highlighting usage of the signaling and market flow. All traders enrolled in NTM Creations are allowed to repeat NTM Applications at no charge.


There is Running Commentary throughout the Live Sessions


Throughout the live training sessions Leonard provides commentary and analysis pertaining to the structural builds developing. This includes contextual analysis from the longest time frames down to the shortest time frames.


Vertical and Horizontal Sequential Trading


Training for Traders teaches traders that, short term trading is more effective when the probability of a directional move from the super structure is understood. The super structure brings the trader to an area of interest for a trade, and the infrastructure defines the probability of a unilateral directional move through Gates of Confirmation.  It is a process of recycling energy and momentum vertically through time frames, and horizontally through the Gates of Confirmation in a sequential order.


Developing Student-Trader’s Skills


The focus of this coaching is to help individuals develop their trading skills and to refine their entry and exit techniques. Each trader develops his or her skills at a different rate of speed. There are very common challenges to all traders regardless of experience, but every trader is different in how they learn. 


Leonard believes that the primary work of a coach is to first define what aspect of trading is causing a greater challenge to the trader. Experienced traders in the live training room may have already conquered those challenges that newer traders are just beginning to face. There is a collective library of experience from which newer traders can draw ideas and techniques, to move thru their own plateaus more easily. Defining the challenge is half the battle. Resolving problems that can move a trader to a new level of performance is a cooperative work, between the coach and the trader.


Traders are encouraged to use Leonard and the resources in the room to improve their techniques. Typically traders will at first watch how the analysis is performed. Then they will use Leonard to verify that their own analysis is on track. 


Real-Time Trading


It is expected that a trader will have a trading account open and will want to engage in some real-time trading. It is then when traders can draw on the many years of Leonard's experiences to interpret the trading environment. Many traders repeat this course as they develop their trading regimen. At this advanced level of training, traders are expected to display a consistent approach to their work while absorbing the many years of market flow experience as provided by Leonard..


Suggested hardware and software requirements

  • Computer and monitor with a high speed connection

  • A live streaming data charting service. (If the student has no current live streaming data service then www.Qcharts.com or www.eSignal.com is suggested. My contact is Joe Bangkot at 800 322 1353. Just mention Leonard Novy. Average monthly cost including subscription to the live E-mini exchange data is $120 per month, but please check websites for updates).

  • 3rd party software called Neoticker found at www.tickquest.com. Please check website for rates on monthly and yearly leases or permanent licenses. Students of www.trainingfortraders.com are given discounts on subscriptions for this software


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